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Multi-Dose Pill Packaging Services in Summit, MS

The National Institutes of Health has found that nearly 50% of patients don’t take their medication as directed. For individuals with chronic illnesses, not taking prescribed medications can lead to a higher risk of disease progression and even potential hospitalization. Managing medication adherence can be easy with Guy’s Pharmacy in Summit, MS.

Our custom medication adherence packaging services are a great solution. With this service, medications are filled, organized, and can even be delivered locally in single-dose packs labeled with the dose, time, and day. You never have to wonder if you’re taking your medication as directed. We even offer local delivery in the Summit and McComb areas.

Adherence Packaging

Adherence packaging, also known as compliance packaging, combines all of a patient’s medications into a single package or pouches. As a result, it is easier for them to follow their medication schedule and take medications properly. Medication adherence packaging services can positively impact medication taking behaviors, increase confidence in medication management, improve perceived quality of life, and improve patient health outcomes.

Medication Synchronization (MedSync)

Eliminate multiple trips to the pharmacy and work closely with your pharmacist to discuss medications. Our program coordinates and schedules your refills so you can pick them up on a regular basis each month. MedSync offers several benefits to patients and their loved ones. The program doesn’t have any additional costs beyond the price of your medication and patients have access to pharmacist-led medication counseling. Conveniently request this service in person or over the phone.

Nutritional Supplements

An often overlooked part of improving health and wellness is the role of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Our pharmacist can review your medications and lifestyle to determine the best options to supplement the vitamins and minerals you may be missing. We have the highest quality supplement brands available to the public, including the Guy’s Pharmacy signature line. You can also shop our line of supplements online!

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