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Easy Prescription Transfers

There are three easy ways to transfer your prescriptions to any of our seven convenient locations. You can

  1. Call your location of choice.
  2. Stop by the store.
  3. Complete the secure form below.

Depending on the number of prescriptions and the types of medications, it may take a few days to transfer everything over. We aim to have most prescriptions ready for pickup in one to three business days.

Some circumstances may not allow us to transfer your medications as quickly as we’d like, so our team will work with you and your doctor to find the best path forward.

  • If your refills require a follow up visit
  • If your medications are controlled substances. In the state of Mississippi, controlled medications can’t be transferred without a new prescription from your doctor. If you wish to transfer your medication, the first step is to contact your physician to let them know.

Information You'll Need to Transfer Your Prescription to Guy's Pharmacy