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A Pharmacist’s Summer Skin Care Recommendations

Skin care during the summer months is important to minimizing the risk of skin damage from the sun. The sun’s UV rays are more intense during the warmer months, increasing the risk of sunburn and sun damage. Knowing how to protect your skin doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you turn to a licensed […]

Four Important Vaccines for Healthy Aging After 50

Man with a vaccine band-aid on his right arm against a yellow background

As we age, staying on top of our health means being proactive. A commitment to healthy living and regular check-ups is just a start. Our bodies change over the years, weakening our immune system and making it harder to bounce back from illnesses. That’s why keeping current with vaccinations is so important. For many, vaccines […]

Understanding Nutritional Needs if You’re Over 50

Adopting healthy eating habits is essential at any stage of life. Yet as we age, understanding your individual nutritional needs after 50 becomes even more important. Our bodies naturally experience changes in nutrient requirements and how it absorbs them. So, what does this shift mean for you? Growing older makes us more susceptible to certain […]

Nourishing You and Your Baby: Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. With a new little one on the way, you have a lot to consider and many decisions to make. Feeling excited and looking forward to the baby’s arrival can also bring worry. However, ensuring a healthy pregnancy for you and the baby […]

Can My Pharmacist Help with Vitamin And Supplement Decisions?

Your pharmacist is a fantastic partner to have on your side as you aim to better your long-term health and wellness. For instance, your pharmacist can help you select the over-the-counter multivitamins and wellness supplements that enhance your long-term health. While wellness supplements and multivitamins can help improve health outcomes in specific situations, finding the […]